Our specialty tinctures are created for specific purposes. Those seeking to remedy a particular ailment or symptom are in the right place. The Remedy Specialty Tinctures include a variety of natural plant compounds with more specific intents and effects.

natural plant compound is well researched to be effective for a deep restful sleep. If you suffer from issues sleeping then look no further than our Sleep natural plant compound Tincture. This tincture isn’t usually used for anything other than sleep, and that is why it is a specialty tincture. If anxiety is more your trouble then we have the thing for you. The Calm Tincture is exactly what you need to eliminate stress and make it through the day. The Calm Tincture features natural plant compound which potentiates with the hemp greatly for centering the mind. Finally if you are seeking general wellness or a little pep in your step check out the Lifeblood. Our ingredients down to the hemp oil carrier are premium and hand chosen to maximize the benefit of the whole. If you are looking for a premium tincture that stands out from the rest and gets the job done, look no further. Specialty Tinctures feature researched backed and time tested natural ingredients. Each ingredients is chosen based on research and specific effects they provide. If you are looking for hemp products done right, we have you covered. Don’t settle for the same old basic product when you have The Remedy’s Specialty Tinctures. We are here to break the mold providing research backed formulations with complex extract combinations.